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We’re the Best in the Biz!

Provide Multi-temperature Cold Storage 

Looking for cold storage? Homman Organic built one-thermostatic processing warehouse facilities specialized for fresh garlic products. Our unique approach to storage, warehousing and fulfillment provides you with a valuable partner in managing your inventory and Supply Chain. Contact us to see how we can assist you - you’ll be amazed at how quickly we get things done. 

Produce Wholesale Packaging

We make sure our clients are always happy with our products and services. As experts in Produce Wholesale Packaging since 2013, Homman Organic guarantees our clients receive only the best quality goods. If for some reason you feel that we could have done a better job at it, contact us immediately and we’ll help you out.

Produce Distribution

Homman Organic not only arranges expert production of food products to clients, but has also specialized in Produce Distribution since 2013. We are always prompt with our service and will do everything to get the job done and on time. If you have any comments or suggestions for ways we can improve, please contact us today.

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